What is Hypnosis?

There are thousands of books and articles about hypnosis. One of the things they all have in common is that they disagree on what hypnosis really is. There is no consensus on this matter.

Each hypnotist is trained, reads, thinks, experiences, and then decides on which definition works best for him or her. I will give you a definition of hypnosis that has worked for me in the years I’ve been working with clients like you.

My definition is simple, and it works. And it eliminates many of the concerns people have when they experience hypnosis in the office for the first time.

You have been in hypnosis many times. In fact, I believe we go into and out of hypnosis many times each day. You may not believe that, but that is okay. Hypnotherapy is all about changing the limiting beliefs that no longer work so well.

Hypnosis Has Three Aspects


Inner Focus

(Sometimes starting out with narrowed focus. That’s just as good.)
Have you ever driven on the freeway and missed your exit? If you are like most people, you have. In all probability, you were driving and started daydreaming, or thinking great philosophical thoughts. (I always give you the benefit of the doubt!) Either way, you focus is turned inward from the road to your inner thoughts and experience.


Altered Perception

The second aspect of hypnosis is there as well. When you noticed that you missed your exit, your first thought might have been, “I didn’t even see the sign!” That is altered perception. Seeing, hearing, or feeling things that aren’t there, not seeing, hearing, or feelings things that are there, or seeing, hearing, or feeling things in a new way.


Sometimes Relaxation

What about aspect number three? While relaxation is not necessary to go into hypnosis, in this particular case, it is there. Because I am sure you were much more relaxed as you missed your exit than you were when you discovered you missed your exit. All of a sudden, what was a very pleasant, relaxing drive is now filled with frustration, stress, etc.

And just like the ride before missing your exit, hypnosis as used in the office is most often a very pleasant, relaxing experience. In fact, most people achieve a level of relaxation far deeper than they ever thought they could achieve. Just knowing that it is possible to achieve a deeper level of relaxation and to change the way we experience our world is a very powerful experience.

Even at your first session, you will experience hypnosis, and find out for yourself how enjoyable it is, and how powerful it can be.