When you are creating a new business and all the services you are going to offer, while winding down your old business and preparing it to be sold, things can get overwhelming. And that is exactly what happened to me as I tried to move forward and wrap up my old company and create a new one. All the things that needed to happen and should get done put such pressure on me that I froze completely and did nothing. This went on for several months and put us into financial danger. I knew I needed to do something.

I had tried hypnosis before for other issues, but it never “stuck” for me. I decided to work with Alan and the difference was amazing even after just the first session. It took only 3 sessions to get over the overwhelm and on track. The only way I can describe what happened and what continues to happen is my brain starts to work differently. When I look all the tasks and projects that need to get done and at all the pieces to be put in place, I no longer panic and freeze. My mind makes sense of everything and I can see a clear path and steps to accomplish what needs to get done.

I have become more productive than ever and feel calmer doing all the things I need to do.

Catherine C. , Phoenix, Arizona

Alan – Thanks for seeing me last week…The time we spent together was very powerful for me!! Over the past week my daily struggles with food and self concept have become handleable moments. Thanks again!!

Kathe Morton, Phoenix, Arizona

As a health researcher/journalist, I am exposed to numerous healing modalities. The work that you do equals or exceeds anything that I have seen. Your ability…is truly exceptional. Thank you for the valuable sessions you have done for me. The people I have referred to you have also found your work to be truly exceptional.

Christopher J. Hegarty, Novato, California

I thought it appropriate to write you a letter of thanks for helping me learn how to quit smoking. After 40 years of smoking, countless failed attempts to quit, everything from nicotine patches and gum to acupuncture treatment, I must say thank you very much.

A couple months have gone by now and given that amount of time to see if the technique you taught me to control my urges would work, I believe that you are on to something that smokers who wish to quit should do.

Hypnotherapy, or self-hypnosis is the answer. I have also learned to apply it to other areas of my life, such as increasing my earning capacity as a salesman. In fact, my increased production earned me a 10 day trip to Hawaii this coming June. Unbelievable how this works. More POWER to you and those folks that seek your guidance. Feel free to show this letter to anyone who may doubt your contribution to helping others.

David F. Rada, Sun City, Arizona

A few months after our sessions, the future is still looking bright. I have lost a total of 62 lb. I was in a size 16 and am now teetering between 10 and 12. I have been taking voice lessons for a while now and will be in a showcase in Scottsdale in September. I have more friends than I think I ever had. I have a trip to Cabo planned with five of them also in September. Life is great. Thank you for your help!

Cindy Landis, Phoenix, Arizona

Just thought I would let you know that I made it through the challenging weekend in Maryland with my kids unscathed. Although I had at least 3 heavy-duty smokers around me, I not only did not so much as have a puff, I didn’t have the urge. Thanks for your help! I will let you know periodically how I am doing.

S. F. , Phoenix, Arizona

I was referred to Alan by a friend who benefited from her therapy with him. Before meeting Alan I felt consumed with pain and anger over a divorce and a poor relationship with my family and friends. Alan helped me to release this and look at myself with a positive perspective.

David Tank, Phoenix, Arizona

Just wanted to write and say thanks for 13 months of being a non-smoker. I have succeeded and also have not put on any weight…

Nancy Reasoner, Michigan

I just wanted to write and let you know that for the first time in months I woke up happy with a big smile on my face. I was waking up in a bad mood and fighting it for months forcing myself to be more positive and loving. I am so relieved that I don’t have to pretend anymore! I just honetlsy feel happy, loving and looking forward to the day. The difference is so incredible. I feel radiant. Congratulations to us on our good work!

Deborah Minter, Tempe, Arizona

Marv used the “tools” Alan told us about and he and his partner won 2nd place at the tournament in Las Vegas!! He was so excited – he won $300 AND only one stroke off of the winner – that’s even better!

Pam and Marv, Arizona

My sessions with you were helpful in catapulting me along my path – and this time I feel I am in a new life. I have not had a panic attack since May, and there have been more than a few opportunities for such behavior. This new life is a good one!!

Cristina Chrisensen, Tennessee

Within just three visits, Alan knew exactly what I needed to do, how to release, and take back also. I left feeling great joy and lighter.

Michelle Polumbo, Phoenix, Arizona

So, I feel better and more clear. I sleep better. I interact easier. I leave a situation and forget it!

Marilyn, Arizona

Just a note to thank you for the tremendous impact your program has made with my daughter. After just three sessions, she has improved in her schoolwork, previously making C’s in math to her current level of making A’s in math as well as in every other subject. We have also noticed an improvement in her ability to comprehend new material presented in school. I am very pleased with the results of this program.

My daughter has also ben pleased with the improvement in her abilities. She has become more willing to express herself, both at home and at school. This is a definite positive toward increasing communication within our family.

Melanie Brewer, Phoenix, Arizona

I am writing to tell you how well the techniques you showed me have worked to relieve the pain in my hands. I used your techniques at home for about a month, and now my hands and wrists don’t hurt at all. Your techniques work. The results have made me very happy. I would recommend your techniques to anyone who needs relief from the pain that repetitive motion can cause, or relief simply from the stress and tension…

Rachel A. Wagner, Tempe, Arizona

The session that I had with your brought an insight about self-acceptance that I had never previously considered. My personal growth has accelerated due to this incredible insight.

Constance Kadansky, Phoenix, Arizona